Wood Worm Control Service

When it comes to furniture and woodworms, one must exercise great care, especially when dealing with antique furniture. Unfortunately, bug infestations are not uncommon, and woodworms, in particular, pose a significant threat. These whitish, plump, and soft creatures have no specific origin, as various types of beetles lay eggs inside or around wood, and the larvae feed on the wood upon hatching. 

Wood is a highly sought-after food source for many female beetles during the summer months. They lay their eggs in the wood while consuming its high moisture content. As the larvae hatch, they begin to consume the surrounding wood, leaving holes in wooden items that can cause structural damage and mar the beauty of furniture.

This is why woodworm treatment is often a highly sought-after service from pest control companies in Dubai.

Precautions Against Woodworms

To prevent woodworms, the most effective method is to deprive them of their food sources. Most woodworm varieties thrive on the high moisture content of wooden items, as they require water to survive and grow. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure proper ventilation for wooden furniture to control the moisture level in the room. However, this may not always be feasible. 

In such cases, the next preventive measure involves using boron. Mix boron powder with water in a 1:19 proportion and apply it to all wooden surfaces. Once dry, reapply the mixture. Alternatively, vinegar can be used, but it will force the larvae out without killing them. Mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 proportion and spray it on the furniture.

Despite all precautions and preventive measures, infestations can sometimes spiral out of control, necessitating the consultation of experts for a proper course of action.

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