Disinfection and Sanitization

Advanced Disinfection Solutions by Arabian Pest Control

Arabian Pest Control stands as an ISO-certified entity, approved by the Dubai Municipality, delivering cutting-edge sanitization services. Specializing in disinfection, we safeguard you from insidious germs and bacteria through our environmentally conscious disinfection procedures. Our team comprises adept and rigorously trained technicians dedicated to fortifying the hygiene of your residential or corporate surroundings.

Sanitization for Residences and Offices

The aesthetics of your surroundings must radiate cleanliness, yet with time, Disinfection and Sanitization both the air and the elements therein succumb to contamination by malevolent microorganisms. Pest Control
These organisms pose a threat to your family’s health, potentially leading to various viral and airborne ailments. This underscores the pivotal role of exemplary disinfection services, instrumental in curbing the proliferation of contagious diseases that could transmit from person to person.


Our certified cadre of experts, equipped with rigorous training, diligently shields you from harmful germs using our eco-friendly sanitation procedures. We exclusively deploy pesticides and chemicals certified by the DM, ensuring: 

EPA-graded efficacy
Municipality approval

Place your trust in premier disinfection services to maintain hygiene

Given the recent surge in contagious diseases, people are redirecting their attention towards personal hygiene and health. Consequently, reliance on various superior disinfection services has surged. Individuals grappling with severe complications are particularly vulnerable, making preventive measures indispensable. In this context, nothing surpasses the efficacy of diverse disinfection services. Contact Arabian Pest Control, specializing in disinfection, for expert guidance. Benefit from an efficient treatment regimen to establish infection control, be it at home or the workplace.

Why Opt for Arabian Pest Control's Disinfection Expertise?

Distinguished as the foremost disinfection company in Abu Dhabi, Arabian Pest Control boasts a remarkable skill set. We introduce airborne and surface sanitation to your abode, ensuring your family avoids unsanitary conditions. Employing our unique formulation, a potent fusion of various effective components, we eradicate airborne diseases effectively. Embrace our diverse disinfection services to shield against perilous germs. Disinfection and Sanitization services act as a cornerstone in providing a secure environment, fostering peace of mind.