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Are you troubled by the presence of lizards in your home and seeking effective lizard pest control services? Look no further! Schedule an appointment for Lizard Pest Control services in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with Arabian Pests Control.

Lizards, though generally considered harmless, can carry germs like salmonella, posing health risks. Despite their benefits in controlling flies and insects, a lizard infestation can be concerning. Arabian Pests Control, with over a decade of expertise in reptile and lizard control, provides efficient solutions in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.

Causes of Lizard Infestation:

1. Untidy Environment: Lizards are attracted to untidy spaces where food sources are abundant. 
2. Cluttered Surroundings: Clutter provides hiding spots for lizards behind doors and shelves.
3. Water Sources: In hot weather, Lizard Control Service places with standing water, including homes.

Lizard Control & Removal Services:

We employ the following chemicals and equipment for effective lizard control: 
Chemicals like CYPERMETHRIN
Pump Sprayer and Hose End Sprayer for larger yards
Dforce Aerosol for insect control
Pest Rid Granules and Sprays
Lizard glue traps

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Pest control spray To make your home a safe and pest-free environment, use our 100% eco-friendly sanitization products. We prioritize health, safety, and environmental consciousness, utilizing modern technology and equipment to ensure comprehensive cleaning.

Why Choose Arabian Pests Control?

1. Expertise: Over a decade of experience in pest control services. 
2. Professional Staff: Skilled and experienced team members.
3. Government Recognition: Dubai Municipality recognized and certified disinfection services.
4. Unmatched Service Delivery: Consistent and thorough follow-up services.

Choose Arabian Pests Control for unparalleled lizard pest control services in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to enhancing your safety and well-being.

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