Bed Bugs Control Service


Bed bug pest control dubai are tiny pests primarily active at night, making them challenging to eradicate as they hide in cracks and beds. These brownish parasites feed on the blood of humans and animals, with the two primary species being Cimex Lectularius and Cimex Hemipterus. They can enter your home through used furniture, luggage, or even with visitors. While hygiene and deep cleaning can reduce their numbers, the most effective solution is to book Bed Bugs Pest Control Service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi from a professional pest control company that offers comprehensive services with proven results.

Where Bed Bugs Can Hide

Due to their small size, bed bug easily conceal themselves during the day. However, there are specific areas in your home where bed bugs commonly reside and hide during daylight: 

1. Bed headboards and mattresses.
2. Bedside furniture and baseboards.
3. Inside mattress coils.
4. Cracks in bedsteads.
5. Under loose wallpaper.
6. Wooden door and window frames.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation:

1. Dark bloodstains on your mattress and pillowcases. 
2. Unpleasant and musty odor.
3. Shed skin of bed bugs.
4. Red spots on your body upon waking up.

Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Precaution & Treatment

Bed bug pest control Dubai can pose a significant problem for homes and offices. To prevent these pests, advise visitors and travelers to take precautions, such as leaving shoes outside and changing clothes outdoors, to ensure they do not bring bed bugs inside. Seal all dark gaps or cracks in the walls and maintain overall hygiene. If your place is already infested, clean your bed, clothing, and curtains in hot water, and dry them at a high dryer temperature. Remove bed bugs and their eggs from the mattress, vacuum the bed and surroundings, and declutter the space around your bed. If these measures prove ineffective, consider booking a pest control service immediately.

What services can you expect from us?

Hiring a professional service provider for Bed Bug control near me can be highly beneficial. At Arabian Pest Control, we not only deliver excellent cleaning results but also prioritize your safety. Our experts determine the appropriate pesticide quantity and select products to minimize toxins’ impact on humans and pets. Equipped with the right tools, our expert staff knows where to look and how to remove bed bugs completely. 

Our expert staff uses various methods, including fumigators, bait and lure traps, to eliminate bed bug effectively. The cleaning process takes less time than expected, sparing you from handling the bodies and droppings of these insects.